we are setting up affiliates

in order to help you

easily give to others

if you are going to shop at ebay for example for something you need, you can click to ebay through our site and a commission is generated by the simple fact that you clicked ebay from our website. this does not change your price and does not affect your transaction in any way.

by clicking through 2giv.org, you can generate a commission which becomes a donation on your behalf

There are countless other service that you may use by going directly to the website to make a purchase. we will be adding as many as we can find to 2giv.org in order to allow you to generate this affiliate commission. once you create an account and use this service our system will keep track of the commission you generated. you can decide which charity to assign most of this commission to.

once you assign the donation, it's transferred to your designated charity of choice. at the beginning of the next year you will recieve a statement of all your donations for tax purposes.


click here to see the list of Affiliates